Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Progress

I have my passport with China visa in hand and have an immunization consultation scheduled for Monday.  Only 48 days before I am off.  Interestingly enough, our exchange student from Armenia will be arriving around the 21st of August so my family will have to introduce him to our home and community without me.  At least I will be returning not long after.
I have been slacking on Chinese language study and need to get back into it...where does the time go???
For those interested, our group will be doing some sightseeing at the beginning and end of our trip.  Some of the sites we will see are the Great Wall, Tienenmen Square, and The Forbidden City.  Next to meeting the precious children at the orphanages, I am most excited about seeing the Great Wall and eating some of those Chinese foods I have missed.  
If anyone has any specific questions, let me know!

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