Monday, August 20, 2012


Today was another amazing day in China. We walked a part of the Great Wall which was one of the neatest things I have ever done. I am hoping to post a couple photos from there.

We also ate some delicious Chinese food and then did some shopping at the silk market. Tomorrow we at last get to meet the precious children we came to serve.  I am super excited about that!

Between the team members' donations, each of the two orphanages we are serving will have a good bit of great items added to their supply.  In the morning, we have team orientation before meeting the children. I brought crafts and balloon animals to make with them. Not sure yet what everyone will be doing but it will be a blessing no matter what.

Thank you much for prayers. The team is getting to know each other and has had fun already. I, personally, am handling the time change quite well and with the help of motion sickness patches, have not had any illness. I really do sense your prayers and God's keep praying and watching for more blog news!

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