Friday, August 24, 2012

Foster Homes Update

Yesterday was an up and down day as we served the last time at the first foster home on this trip. The baby's death was the lowest point but there were also a lot of highs. One was seeing the preschool kids' excitement as I pulled out the craft activities. They decorated little bags and then made foam windsocks. I hadn't thought about this but they actually resembled chinese lanterns. That was great fun for them. Then they had their monthly birthday party and music therapy session. I had a great time watching them.

At the afternoon playground time, I made balloon animals for them as well and that was a big hit. These children may be orphans and they may have severe medical needs, but their joy and love for life is beautiful and contagious. The Lord knows each by name, knows how many hairs on their heads, and He holds their precious lives in the palms of His hands.

Today we are headed out to the second foster home, unsure what we will be doing exactly but excited and ready to serve. I am growing more tired each day and missing my family at home, but I would not want to be anywhere else right now. Thank you for continuing to pray!

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