Thursday, August 16, 2012

Heading Out

This will be my last post before heading out early in the morning.  I have had a nice quiet day at home to pack...I am thoroughly tired but am pushing on so that I am ready for the trip and able to get a good night's sleep.
I have appreciated the phone calls wishing me well, and the encouragement that people are praying and planning to follow my blog along the way. I think I am just as excited about sharing this journey with you as I am anything else.
Donations, crafts, and misc. items have filled the first suitcase.  The second is underway with personal items for the trip.  I hope to bring some souvenirs back in the emptied suitcase!
Please lift up one of our team members who is having visa problems; she will not be able to fly out with us tomorrow but Lord willing, will join us in a few days.  That is very disappointing I am sure.
Again, thanks to everyone for your support in a number of ways.  I have watched my Father provide exactly what has been needed for this trip with little effort on my part, simply because I have been so busy about His work here!  What a gift and dream fulfilled to spend time with orphans in mainland China.  I can not wait to see HIS purposes for it.  Blessings and see you soon!

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