Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Day

It has been a good last full day in Beijing. I finally got my beef noodles for lunch that I have been craving since Taiwan and the team really liked them. We cleaned up the new foster home for the children to move in to; we didn't have an opportunity to see them again but are excited for them to see their new home in a few days. I, personally, am ready to get home to see my guys and meet Gurgen. 

The team has been great and we've shared a lot of memories together here. The staff and workers living in Beijing are truly amazing and have been so hospitable to us. This has been one amazing trip with some very special children as well. Wearing a motion sickness patch has made me a little sleepy and such, but I have not had any sickness in all our traveling. Praise the Lord!

After finishing cleaning the new foster home this afternoon, we went out for Peking duck dinner. It was so good! Then we went to the Chinese acrobat show and that was absolutely incredible...a great way to end our trip! Tomorrow, we will participate in a church service here on our guesthouse grounds, then leave for the airport around noon. I will arrive in Portland around 7pm Sunday. I really am anxious to get home to my guys. I have a whole lot of pictures that have been too much trouble to share, but I will be posting them soon after I return. Blessings and see many of you soon!

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