Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Kids!

Today was wonderful as our team got to meet the children and staff. I was assigned to preschool in the morning and babies in the afternoon. They are more precious than words!  Special needs range from very major to minor. This home specializes in caring for the most severe of illnesses and special needs- caring for them, providing medical care, and seeking good adoptive homes for them. In fact, this home is technically a foster home. I am amazed at the structure, passion, and care provided for the children that come through. I feel utterly blessed to be here and can't wait to love on some more tomorrow.

People may wonder why I came when I could just pray and give from home. Well, it's because true love, God's love, enters into the pain and chaos of others. It's too easy to "love" from a distance, to stay where it is comfortable and safe. But Jesus didn't do that; He left His throne in heaven to become one of us, though without sin, so that He could save us. To be His heart, hands, and feet, we can do no less. This is where mercy enters in and most clearly demonstrates the love of God.

I must get to bed and I cannot wait to share my trip with you all when I get home. Thanks again for prayers. The guys are doing great and don't forget...Gurgen comes in Wed. from Armenia! Can't wait to meet him either. Blessings!

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