Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chosen for Adoption

Please read on to the end for a great surprise!!!
Have you taken to time to read and meditate on Ephesians 1:3-14?  Wow...from the  Contemporary English version, in Christ we have been:
  • gifted with amazing spiritual blessings
  • chosen to live with Him
  • chosen to be His holy and innocent and loving people
  • chosen to be His adopted children
  • the objects of God's kindness
  • set free by His blood
  • forgiven of sin
  • shown His mysterious ways
  • chosen to bring honor to Him
  • chosen to have hope
  • brought the truth of how to be saved
  • given the promised Holy Spirit
  • shown to belong to God
  • assured we will be given what God has stored up for His people
Psalm 68:5 says that "God in His holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless..." This is not only true of orphans, but of us Christ-followers.  The truth is, before Christ we are spiritually Fatherless and not only so, but Scripture teaches that we are enemies of God the Father due to our nature to rebel against Him.  But hear this: "See how much the Father has loved us! His love is so great that we are called God's children—and so, in fact, we are..." (1 John 3:1 GNT).  

God continues to teach me so much through the special needs orphans I just had the privilege of meeting in China.  What the world discards and considers worthless, God has made invaluably precious and vital to our lives.  Through children such as these, God is imbedding upon my heart this great plan of His for adoption.  God not only likes to adopt, His plan from the very beginning has been to adopt!  And to adopt me!  

Randy and I had a discussion a couple of days ago on this: As marriage is God's glorious picture of the relationship between Himself and His people, between Christ and His bride- the Church- so earthly adoption is a glorious picture of God bringing rebellious, sin-ridden people into His cleansing love and forever family.  And so, if adoption is God's heart, should it not be ours?

So what does the adoption process look like? Well, from Scripture we see that it involves a plan, choosing, sacrifice, purchasing, and a whole lot of love.  Practically, it requires faith, paperwork, funds, time, energy, meeting requirements, and yes, a whole lot of patience AND love.  Randy and I are at that point of saying yes to adoption for our family unless and only unless GOD says "No."  God's heart is adoption and because He has put His heart in us, ours is becoming adoption as well.  We have had this desire for many years actually but it seems that it is time, God's time, for us to walk it out.

So, as we seek God's wisdom and guidance, step out in faith for His provision, and open our hearts and home to the child God has already chosen for us, please PRAY for us and the process.  May our lives be a radical picture of what it means to be adopted in Christ.  Thank you!


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