Friday, September 7, 2012


We are so ready to begin the adoption process but do not know where to begin. We know about the process itself but other things, the specifics, we are seeking the Lord on and have more footwork to do. We are resolved to do it...but here are are our questions; would you pray over them on our behalf?
1. What agency do we work with? Which agency will advocate for us for the child of our choosing and with the government regarding regulations and our qualifications?
2. How will we pay for the process, when do we begin fundraising, and how much should be there before we begin the process?
We trust the Lord fully for the child He has planned for us (or as my Dad would hope, "children":) and for His timing b/c He knows perfectly who and when is best; we are just a bit clueless about the logistical process we need to be about.  So thanks for your, when I see the children from the foster homes in China, my heart fills with longing and readiness to welcome and hold our adopted child.

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