Monday, October 15, 2012

Officially Begun...

So, I wanted to write an update before the week gets busy and too much more time passes...we are sending in our CCAI adoption application in the next few days.  Everything is coming together as we are in touch now with an agency that does home studies and has assigned to us a social worker for that part of the process.  This application step is huge and makes this adoption journey officially begun!

I have much to tell about the precious child we are seeking to adopt but alas, must hold it in until the match is made and he is removed from the eligibility list...but yes, the child is a 'he'!  This, in itself, is a God-thing as we always thought if we adopted, it would be a girl.  Having two boys (three temporarily), we do love having boys and perhaps one day the Lord will provide for us a girl.  Only He knows!  But for now, the Lord has given His clear direction and as I wrote previously, He is Lord and can interrupt our plans whenever and however He chooses.  We are excited about this interruption though and can simply not wait to tell the world; even more so, we can not wait to go get him and bring him home!  

We are enjoying our exchange student a whole lot for many reasons; and as the Lord would have it, this experience is also preparing our family to be one of five instead of four...and to be living cross-culturally in our home.  It's amazing, and beautiful, to me how the Lord knits our hearts together so quickly when He is present...

I recently attended the Women of Faith conference in Portland and the theme 'Celebrate what matters' continues with me in a profound way.  First of all, I knew, just knew, that the Lord would affirm our adoption journey by throwing it into the conference somewhere.  Well, He didn't just throw it in; one of the speakers was Jennie Allen, a pastor's wife (like me) who learned to say 'anything' to God (like me), and was led into the adoption journey of a boy (like me).  And out of the theme, the Lord reminded me to not just celebrate but to celebrate the things, the life, that really matter; and to not forget to celebrate!  So, along with His encouragement, refreshment, joy, love, inspiration, direction, and comfort, I left with a renewed mission to celebrate what I do love to celebrate and gain great strength by doing so! (Check out Nehemiah 8:10).  

I will keep you all updated on this journey...thanks for following along, or better yet, joining in!  

Much love,

"Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.  For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name." Psalm 33:20-21 (NKJV)

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