Friday, November 30, 2012

Blessings Everywhere

Some neat things have occurred in the last couple weeks regarding Henry and the adoption process. First, the home study in-home visit went well and the next one is coming up on Tuesday, Dec. 4th, in which the social worker will meet the boys.  I continue to get us organized and it looks like necessary documents are starting to get completed and compiled to turn in.  It is neat how the Lord puts people in place to help with even little things like notarizing and such. 

It was very exciting to receive notice that Henry received our family photo album!  Doesn't he look happy?  We sure are!
We also received a letter and photos this week from someone who went on a mission trip to New Day in October where she met Henry.  It was so sweet and encouraging, and yes, it seems that whoever spends any time with him just falls in love with him!  It really is such a blessing to know that many wonderful people are entering his life and loving on him as he waits to come home.  We can not wait to spend lots of time with him ourselves!

Along this journey, I am realizing just how unique and special the adoption community is.  There is an instant bond of shared experience...the paperwork, the trusting, the waiting, the hoping...and no doubt, adopted children connect on a deeper level with one another.  It really is a blessing to be becoming a part of this community. 
That is all I can think of for now.  In the preparation and waiting period, small things really are big things to celebrate!  Blessings,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Labors of Love

Things continue to move along here in the adoption process.  I am trying not to be overwhelmed by the mounds of paperwork to gather and fill out, nor by the financial need to complete this process.  Prayer cards and support letters are in the works...if interested in receiving either one, let me know! 

We are excited, I have to say, to be having our first home study visit by our social worker this coming Tuesday morning.  Paperwork is ready for that part; the children will be in school so this initial visit is just with my husband and I.  The home study approval is a really important part of the adoption process and is a requirement for many grant applications.  The Lord keeps reminding us that He cares very much about orphans and will see us through to bringing Henry home.  So good to know!

The online family photo album I put together was mailed this week and we can not wait for Henry to receive it. 

I also have become a part of the CCAI Be the Voice community, meaning I want to do my part in informing others about the option of adoption.  I can not recall the source or numbers, but I have heard that quite a large number of people consider adoption, yet only a few percent actually do it.  The paperwork and cost are a huge reason why, but good education and preparation can be a great encouragement and help with this.  I know for us that it was difficult to even know where to begin.  But God is in the small steps of faith!

Thank you for your continued prayers!  Henry is developing well and getting good medical care; his current diagnosis is MED, a bit of a change from what he was diagnosed as a baby.  He enjoys singing as do I, so perhaps we will make music together one day. Please remember us on Tuesday morning for the home study and the days ahead as we labor to bring Henry home!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Small Steps

We've made little steps of progress this week in our adoption journey.  I finished and ordered Henry's photo album, our FBI background check requests have been sent in, I've done some research on grant possibilities, and our first home study visit has been scheduled for the 20th.  In addition, I got Henry and Lucy's Christmas gifts mailed off this morning (I spent the day with Lucy from New Day foster home while in China).  Our boys had fun shopping with me for them, so we hope they are very blessed by the gifts!

Perhaps one of the biggest steps was just getting all the paperwork organized into a folder that could keep us straight and meeting deadlines.  We're working with three different organizations in this process: CCAI, CHI, and New Day.  Other institutions come into play along the way, like CCCWA and CIS.  So, you can see that organization is very important!

We know that delays or changes could occur along the way, but practically speaking, if we get our paperwork and finances in, and everything is approved and moving along as usual, we really should be clear to go get Henry early this summer...Lord willing!!!  A number of people have asked about the timeline- it is a lot quicker with waiting children, those who have special needs, are siblings, and/or are older.  We have a lot of paperwork to gather but as my husband would say about me, it's a good thing I like filling out forms!

Thank you for your continued encouragement, support, and prayers!  There is much still yet to do but we certainly want to celebrate the small steps along the way.  So much to be thankful for!

And by the way, November is National Adoption Month.  Are you interested?  Check it out and see what God may have in store!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It has been such a blessed week being in touch with the foster home where Henry is.  What a gift to get to send him a family photo immediately and receive back photos as well as video footage of him seeing us all for the first time.  He did seem to remember me and that makes my day!  I have inserted the video so everyone can see how precious he is and celebrate with us this milestone in his adoption journey.  Enjoy!!!

I am also putting together an online photo album that is almost finished and will be sent to him.  It will introduce more about us, where we live, and what to expect; communications with Henry are going to be important in the next months to develop attachment while we are working on all the logistics and he is waiting.  There is a lot of paperwork to fill out and funds to acquire, so please continue to keep all of these things in prayer.  We are committed but must now put in all the footwork to see it to completion.  We are coming, Henry!  Our hope and God willing, we will be able to go get him during the summer.  We just can not wait to bring him home where he belongs.