Friday, November 30, 2012

Blessings Everywhere

Some neat things have occurred in the last couple weeks regarding Henry and the adoption process. First, the home study in-home visit went well and the next one is coming up on Tuesday, Dec. 4th, in which the social worker will meet the boys.  I continue to get us organized and it looks like necessary documents are starting to get completed and compiled to turn in.  It is neat how the Lord puts people in place to help with even little things like notarizing and such. 

It was very exciting to receive notice that Henry received our family photo album!  Doesn't he look happy?  We sure are!
We also received a letter and photos this week from someone who went on a mission trip to New Day in October where she met Henry.  It was so sweet and encouraging, and yes, it seems that whoever spends any time with him just falls in love with him!  It really is such a blessing to know that many wonderful people are entering his life and loving on him as he waits to come home.  We can not wait to spend lots of time with him ourselves!

Along this journey, I am realizing just how unique and special the adoption community is.  There is an instant bond of shared experience...the paperwork, the trusting, the waiting, the hoping...and no doubt, adopted children connect on a deeper level with one another.  It really is a blessing to be becoming a part of this community. 
That is all I can think of for now.  In the preparation and waiting period, small things really are big things to celebrate!  Blessings,

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