Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Isn't God good?  I've heard this saying time and again, "God knows what you need before you do." This is true because God's Word says it, and it has certainly been proven over and over as He has worked to prepare us for situations ahead; yes, even before we knew what was coming.  Well, I see God at work again in the pre-preparations of adopting Henry.

Early last summer, I started thinking I should find a part-time job to help supplement our income to help with rising costs and our exchange student coming.  As I was driving along on my scooter and approaching the high school, I had a fleeting thought that substituting would be perfect.  I turned into the district office to find out more, thus beginning the application and certification process. 

I have really enjoyed the flexibility, spontaneity, and variety of subbing jobs in our schools. It fits my personality and family needs perfectly.  However, I had no idea that it was going to do even more for us in regards to adopting a child with special needs.  My first substitute teaching jobs were mainly for special education classes, an area I have little to no experience in.  What I have gained through them has been incredible preparation for our future with Henry.  I am learning what our schools offer, what resources are available, and even the basics of working with the different needs of children.  Even tomorrow, I am going to be learning about the bus system for children with special needs.

To say that we were hesitant to adopt a child with special needs is an understatement.  We simply did not think we could manage or resource what that child would need, and so did not even consider the possibility.  But, after seeing the different kinds of needs and care of orphans in China, and witnessing firsthand God's faithfulness in providing for them even there, my heart was opened wide to adopting a waiting child...Henry!

This is, no doubt, a whole new world to us.  I firmly believe that God sees in each of us what we do not yet see and even have trouble seeing sometimes- the potential and all He intricately wove into us to be used for His purposes and glory.  It's always a little scary to step into the unknown but when hope lies in the One Who made and holds it all, courage and trust rise enough for the journey.  It is really neat to see how God has been working to prepare us all along for Henry.  Isn't God good?

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