Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Steps

So, we have completed some big steps this week...both my husband and I finished our online parent training, immigration forms have been filled out, couple and family photos have been picked, and I sent off birth and marriage certificates to the Oklahoma and Louisiana Secretary of States for certification today.  We're just needing to finalize and notarize two documents, then the pile of locally notarized papers can be sent to Washington's Secretary of State for the same process.  This is a big one and essential for the dossier.  After the home study is approved, notarized, and certified, it will be sent off to the appropriate Chinese consulates  with all these other documents for authentication.  Tired yet?:)

We've tried to celebrate the small steps but how fun to get to celebrate big ones!  Thanks for prayers and support everyone.  The Lord is providing and soon we'll be having a spaghetti feed to help with the financial costs coming up.  We'll need everyone's help to get the word out!  More details coming...

And oh, how we miss our little sweetheart!


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