Friday, January 25, 2013

Home Studies

Our home study visit went really well today; we completed talking about family history and parenting approaches with our adoption social worker in a conference room of a coffee shop.  We officially have just one more visit before her report can be finalized and sent off for pre-approval with her own agency, and once approved, it will be sent to ours!  We just have a few more things to gather for her as well, but this part of the huge process really is coming to an end. 

Our next and last visit in the coffee shop is scheduled for Valentine's Day...kind of seems fitting, doesn't it? 

I am thinking we need to send something special to Henry soon, like a family video!  We want him to know that even though it is taking a long time, we are working hard to bring him home and that we are thinking about him every day.  This must be hard for him, and really difficult for those longing for a family but not yet matched. 

Are you interested in adopting???  I am wanting to hold an int'l adoption informational meeting at some point to answer questions and help others along in this daunting process. I love this walk of faith, but it sure is nice to have support and the necessary knowledge for it.  So let me know if interested in finding out more!


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