Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a Week!

Some really great things have happened this week, even just a few minutes ago.  We had another really sweet skype visit with Henry (who continues to be fascinated with our dog and cars), our last documents sent off for authentication at the chinese consulate returned and are ready to go, and we just received word that our home study agency APPROVED our home study report.  So, so happy!

Now, our adoption agency reviews and approves the report, then we compile the necessary papers and send them off to USCIS (immigration).  Things are really happening right now, so thank you for your prayers!  We can tell some of you are just as excited as we are:)

Isn't Henry adorable in hats???

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cloud Nine

We are on cloud nine tonight as we had our first skype webcam visit with Henry.  We were all very excited and I was a little nervous...until I saw him and then it was like, home.  He didn't seem nervous at all, just very inquisitive, excited, and ready.  We all loved his sweet little voice and thought it was so cute when he asked if we were wearing shoes.  He had just put his on with his braces to walk over, so that was fresh on his mind:)  He was also especially liked seeing our cockalier and kept asking where he was.  The boys wanted to know what he likes to eat- "meat," he answered, and what his favorite toy is- "cars."  His first question for us was in fact, "Do you have a car?"  We can tell he is all boy already:)

He also said he likes to eat fish and when told that Joshua has a pet fish, he replied that he would like to eat big brother's fish.  We showed him Nibbles and made sure he knew that this little fish wouldn't be very tasty:)  Henry also asked us other cute things, like if we have beds, if we were wearing socks, and when he was going on the train to his orphanage.  I wasn't sure about that but learned that when we do go get him, we will travel to his original orphanage to fill out paperwork and then New Day will bring him to us there by train.  That will be quite an adventure!  But sadly, I could not give him a date.  We do miss him and want him home terribly!

Tonight was so wonderful and thankfully, we will get to visit with him weekly. What a blessing to have the technology we have today, to not only get to talk but to see each other in the process.  We did our best to give hugs and blow kisses over the screen.  How sweet to hear him call us baba and mama, and the boys, his big brothers.  He is excited to have brothers and really wants to come to our home.  It will be a long journey getting here, but it will be all worth it! 

Oh, and did I mention that we got to see him walk in his braces?  He did so great!  He is a very hard-working, determined little guy- super smart with very clear verbal skills, including english pronunciation!  Can you tell I am a proud momma yet?:)  I think I will float on cloud nine in my sleep tonight.