Thursday, May 23, 2013

Details, details...

God is sure in the details.  As part of the immigration approval process, both my husband and I must get fingerprinted at a local U.S. immigration office at the time scheduled for us.  We got a notice today that our appointment is 8 a.m. in Seattle on June 5th.  Normally, this would be very inconvenient and perhaps, even unmanageable; however, we will already be in Seattle that morning from taking our exchange student to the airport for his trip home.  Coincidence?  No way!  A very early day?  Definitely:)

Henry had a fun trip with his foster home to the zoo on Wednesday, so our Tuesday night visit was rescheduled for Wednesday eve.  Only two of us were able to visit with him, but it was fun hearing Henry make animal sounds and tell about his trip.  We showed him a little blue stuffed monkey the boys have and he loved it.  He wants us to bring it with us when we come get him.  Can do!!!

I don't know if you watch The Little Couple on TLC, but we have been so blessed to watch their adoption journey of Will from the same area of China as Henry, and who was one of Henry's very good friends at New Day!  If you get a chance, check out their journey and you will get a very good idea of ours as well. 

I am still hopeful that our dossier will be in China in the next couple months and that we can go get Henry by the end of the year.  Grant applications have been mailed off so we hope to hear about them soon.  Thank you for prayers for all the details!

This special photo recently taken has simply melted my heart even further and given me a greater sense of urgency.  Can you blame me???

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Next Big Step

I just wanted to let everyone know that our immigration application and papers were mailed in on Monday to USCIS.  It could be a month or two before processed and finalized, but we've at least begun this next big step in the adoption journey.

Due to Chinese holidays last week and conflict last night, we've missed two Skype sessions with Henry, so we are anxious to resume with him next week.  We sure miss talking with our little guy!

Thanks for continued prayers and support, friends and family.  We hope to be scheduling a car wash/bake sale here real soon to continue fundraising.  We are so excited to be making progress!  The Lord is faithful and His timing is perfect.


What a cute face!