Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Closing In!

It looks like the adoption process is closing in...our fingerprints for immigration approval were taken last week and due to Chinese government policy changes, we can only request one deadline extension for our dossier to be in China.  We have had to file one already, so the deadline for our paperwork to be logged in at the CCCWA office is now July 28th and from that point, could be just a few months before we travel to go get our son.  So, CCAI has requested that we go ahead and send all our completed dossier items to them and then send on the immigration approval once that is finalized.  This is very exciting as there is an end to this paper pregnancy in sight!

We still do have money to raise though.  With the dossier and all the steps following, large amounts will be due.  Please pray for grants to be awarded us and for further fundraising efforts.  God will provide, we are sure of this.  Perhaps the Lord is leading you to give or to help out by spreading the word or holding a fundraiser for us?  Please let us know...we would be so grateful!  

Our exchange student returned to his home country and our oldest son is now in his own room.  This means I can begin setting up Henry's part of the bedroom he will share with our other son, Joshua.  Joshua is already so excited to be a big brother (not the youngest anymore:), and to help Henry however he can.  He doesn't even care how the room is set up...he just wants Henry to be comfortable, safe, and happy.  We all want this and are ecstatic to think in just a few short months he could be coming home.  

Small steps, big steps- all to be celebrated as part of this incredible journey to bring Henry home.  Please continue to pray for all the details and our preparations: dossier submission, fundraising, and the projects to be completed these next few months (Henry's room and Lifebook to name a couple).  Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement!