Monday, July 8, 2013

Immigration Approval

As you can imagine, we are ecstatic and celebrating a phone call today from USCIS letting us know our immigration application is being approved.  This is a huge milestone in the adoption process, so praise God with us for it!

As soon as the paperwork arrives, we will hand deliver it to our Secretary of State office for certification, then use a courier to get an overnight authentication at the San Francisco Chinese consulate.  Upon receipt, we will overnight it to CCAI so they can finalize dossier preparations and get it all to the CCCWA in China by July 28th.  We are down to the last major steps though months away from travel still, so this is really exciting.  

Henry continues to be doing well and is making great progress in physical therapy and walking.  We love skyping with him almost weekly and he seems to look forward to it as well.  His birthday is coming up in August so we will be putting a special birthday package together here soon.  I have been working on his Lifebook and photo album as well...what a blessing to get regular updates and photos from New Day until we can bring him home.  

If you are interested in our adoption timeline, I have added that to the right of this blog.  It's quite interesting and we can see God's hand and timing all over it.  He is soooo good!!!

Thank you so much for praying us through this.  It can seem so long but when great progress is made like today, we are so encouraged and re-energized for the next step.  We appreciate you all!
Henry learns about our Independence Day!

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