Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Log-In Date!!! (Update)

We just received word that our dossier Log-In Date (LID) was yesterday, August 5th!  So, instead of about three weeks to receive this, it only took six days.  Praise the Lord!!!  The time to go get sweet Henry is getting closer and closer...I will have more timeline details this evening when I can open up our LID packet.  So I will post more later!

Another wonderful announcement is that my dad and his wife are willing to keep our boys for two weeks when it's time to travel to China.  The boys will have to fly to them by themselves and there are a number of details to work out depending on when this actually happens, but this is another piece of the puzzle fitting in, so praise God again!

Now, if we would just hear from some of those grants...please keep praying!   

Update: The CCCWA is taking approximately four to six months from the time that both our Letter of Intent has been submitted and our dossier has been logged in (August 5th) to issue the Travel Approval .  Travel to China is typically 1-3 weeks after Travel Approval is given.  So, we could travel any time between the end of December and end of February.  If the CCCWA gets to a point where their new computer system is moving things along more quickly, perhaps this could be earlier.  We'll keep you posted!

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