Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Good Stuff

So many great things are happening right now in the adoption process.  We received our hard copy Letter of Approval from China and had the great joy and privilege of signing, "We accept Wang, Long Qian."  It is now on its way to CCAI with other important documents and then will head to the CCCWA in China.  Our I-800 papers for Henry's immigration approval have been sent to the USCIS; there will now be a lot of paper travel between CCAI, National Benefits Center, National Visa Center, the US Consulate in Guangzhou, and CCCWA.  When this is all said and done, we will be almost to the finish line with TRAVEL APPROVAL from China!!!  At that point, we would be traveling in about 1-3 weeks to get our precious son.  

I keep wondering though...when I went to China last summer, it was quite hot; in December, it will be very cold and possibly snowy!  Not really sure how this will effect getting out and about (they plan really great tours for a few days), but hopefully it should not affect getting Henry...the most important part!  It's not too early to pray for good travel weather:)

I have a feeling that everything is going to keep moving quickly, as the fall always seems to, and we'll be packing our bags.  Our last major obstacle is finances, however, which seems to be a running theme for the adoption journey.  Please pray for our wisdom in anything further we need to do on our end to secure the resources we need.  We have over $11,000 left to raise to cover costs.  

If you do plan on giving, would you please let us know the amount?  Any bit helps, but at least we then have a better idea of where we're at.  And if you have fundraising ideas or would like to help, please let us know!

Many blessings...we'll continue to keep you updated on this amazing journey.  Some of our next steps include China visa application and finalizing Henry's English name...good stuff!

I love this picture of Henry!

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  1. So Happy for you all! I did have to google to make sure that the government shutdown was not going to affect the immigration process. Praise the Lord that it is not! Following, waiting, and praying until you get Henry home so we can meet this little man!