Monday, October 14, 2013


Introducing...Henry Noah Long-Qian Brown!  We wanted to keep his Chinese heritage in his name but also give him a biblical one.  Here's an excerpt from a December blog on the name Henry Noah: 

     By the way, we are narrowing down his name to Henry Noah Brown.  Isn't that a   
     great name?  Henry means, "Home ruler" or "Rules his household," and Noah, "rest" or 
     "peace."  Our hope is that Henry would find rest and peace not only in the Brown 
     household but in the family of God.  Just as Noah was found to be righteous, was 
     saved from the flood, and became the father of many, may dearest Henry Noah 
     become a man after God's own heart and be used mightily for God's purposes.  We 
     know God has saved his life and set him apart for very special reasons.  We cannot 
     wait to help him find out what those are!

Henry Noah Long-Qian Brown

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  1. Love the name! Truly can not wait to meet him. Continuing to pray! And yes I am still doing a small happy dance for the Browns!