Thursday, October 10, 2013

Two Months?

Well, our signed LOA is on its way to China if not already there.  Immigration papers are being processed at the USCIS.  Everything keeps moving along well and meeting the timeline as given us. 

We could very well be two months out (or less) of going to get our son.  Can anyone believe this?  We are so excited and at the same time, starting to get a little nervous.  Are we ready?  Are the last funds going to come in?  What's our new life going to look like?  Everything is going to change!  Normal thoughts at this point and only time will bring those answers, but we are having them nonetheless!

Thank you for continued support and prayers.  We need them!  So many details to pull together these next months, not just for the trip itself, but for our new addition.  There are many things we will not know until he is here and assessed, but preparations include doctors appointments, preschool scouting, his Lifebook (I have gathered all the materials but not yet put it together), finalizing his new name, more Chinese language study, and gathering items he will need during travel as well as at home.  We are not going to buy clothing until we have him because we just simply do not know what best fits him, but we are thinking he will need a booster seat for the table, car seat coming home from the airport, and other things like that.  We will buy a stroller in China.  These are the more practical aspects of parenting Henry and we'll do our best to prepare, but obviously, things may change and it will be important to go with the flow when he comes...this reminds me of being a first time parent actually.  We may be seasoned parents of boys, but a boy from China with orthopedic special needs?  Not so much!

In regards to the adoption process, efforts to raise last funds are underway with support letters and a rummage sale being planned for November 1-2.  We can begin taking donations for the rummage sale and you can help get the word out!  We so appreciate any help you can give.  We hold on to this promise:

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in
Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:19 (HCSB).  

 We're coming soon, sweet Henry!

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