Thursday, November 7, 2013

Article 5

Our Article 5 was issued by the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou and hand delivered to CCAI's China representatives to arrive at the CCCWA in 2-3 days. Praise God with us that the CCCWA will have our last papers in hand so they can issue us Travel Approval and then we can GO!!!

This is so exciting and a huge milestone in the process.  We can tell Henry is getting excited too as we Skype with him.  Preparations continue to move along: we are continuing our rummage sale this weekend, Henry's Christmas presents are wrapped, and travel items are being packed.  So, thanks for prayers and such loving support!  We are on top of the world and can not wait to hold our son and introduce him to all of you.  Blessings!

**Update: We received our China visas and a $1500 grant notice in the mail today (11/8)...we really are getting so close to meeting our goal AND to going to China!  Woohoo!!!

Happy fall from Pumpkin Panda!

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