Monday, December 2, 2013

Going, Going...

And we're almost gone! We have done all our local activities on the schedule and can now focus just on preparations and packing for China. Everything and everyone is being taken care of while we are gone; what an amazing community of family and friends we have. Thank you so much!

Perhaps you are interested in knowing what an adoption trip looks like. Well, here is a run down. If you would like more information on dates, flights, etc., please e-mail or message me. 

Day 1 - Leave US for Beijing.
Day 2 - Arrive in Beijing.
Day 3 - Tour Beijing: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong Tour, and optional acrobatics show.
Day 4 - Tour Beijing: Great Wall.
Day 5 - Depart Beijing for Hohhot.
Day 6 - Go to the Registration Office to receive our child!!!
Day 7 - Complete the Adoption Registration and Notarization. Receive our child’s Registration Certificate.
Day 8 - Rest or optional tours.
Day 9 - Receive our child’s notary documents.
Day 10 - Receive our child’s passport.
Day 11 - Leave Hohhot for Guangzhou.
Day 12 - Go to the clinic to complete our child’s visa physical and visa photo.
Day 13 - Prepare paperwork for the Consulate appointment and have our child's tested for TB.
Days 14-15 - Free days.
Day 16 - Consulate appointment and receive our child's visa packet. 
Day 17 - Depart Guangzhou for our int'l flight home.

Praise the Lord for this incredible journey of adoption. Henry will be in our arms so soon and part of our family FOREVER. We cannot express in words how deeply your love, prayers, and support have touched us. Perhaps Henry will never truly know, but we will, and God certainly does. May He bless you hundredfold for all you have done for us.

Please pray for: 
  • Last packing and preparation details
  • Health, strength, traveling safety, wisdom, and grace
  • Our sons here while we are gone
  • Henry's adjustment and attachment in the changing, challenging times ahead
  • God to be glorified in all things as we depend fully on Him for all that we need. 
I will be keeping our blog updated as able throughout the trip so stay tuned for some exciting stories and photos! Have a VERY BLESSED Christmas season.


  1. I'm so happy to run across this!! I've had Henry in my lap a few times while I served at New Day and I loved him!! You have a dear, dear boy as your son!! I'm so happy to see the family he gets to join. God's blessings on you all!!!

  2. Thank you, Teresa! That is great to know and we so appreciate you and all those who have loved on him these last years. Henry is coming home!!!