Saturday, December 14, 2013


We made it to Guangzhou! It was a 3 hour flight from Hohhot last night and Henry did wonderfully. The first couple days he was with us, he would be a little mad and say "no" every time we mentioned airplane or America. By yesterday, his excitement on seeing and flying in an airplane was so high that when we got in the airport and saw one, he yelled out, "Daddy, airplane!!!" with the happiest smile ever. He literally could not help but talk about it with anyone and everyone. His friend, Colton, just adopted from New Day also, was on the same flight. Those two just talked and talked with so much animation. It was so much fun to watch!

I think the "Planes" movie really helped. And your prayers! He loved the plane ride, just talked and played and looked out the window to his little heart's content. He finally went to sleep on the plane about 30 minutes before it landed.  How fun to experience his first plane ride with him. Now, he's talking about America, so apparently is ready to fly again:). We just have one week to go, yay!!!

For our first full day here, Henry had his visa photo taken and got an international travel physical and TB test. He came out of the TB test room smiling and saying, "All done!" He is one tough cookie! And each doctor he saw commented on how smart he is. What a big treasure in this little package! Now he is napping and this evening we're joining other adoptive families for dinner out. These next few days involve more paperwork and some sightseeing. Everything is leading up to the big day, the 19th- our U.S. consulate appointment!

Our hotel here is HUGE and filled with adoptive families from all different agencies and countries. It's an amazing and beautiful thing to see! Guangzhou is huge and tropical. I think our guide said that there are 17+ million people here. It is a little rainy and humid, but believe me, it is a welcome change! The dryness of Hohhot was HARD though I'm sure being sick didn't help at all. I am much better now but have quite a lot of chest congestion and coughing. Randy's cough is much better now, and praise the Lord, Henry is just sweet and healthy:). Thank you so much for prayers...I didn't know how I could travel yesterday, weak and with low fever, but God gave me strength! Now if I could just get rid of this congestion.

This photo is of Henry excitedly touring the Hohhot airport. I can't wait to post all our photos when we get back. What a journey this has been! Blessings!

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