Thursday, December 12, 2013

Henry Blessings

What a day of little, big blessings this day has been. Mr. Henry is something to behold. First, his appetite has returned with his comfort level and yes, he is a good eater:)  We didn't have any appointments today so slept in a little and just enjoyed being together. Henry ate a good breakfast, we walked around the hotel a bit, then played in our room. My temperature and infection were gone this morning but both Randy and I have colds now, so we ventured out to a nearby pharmacy for more medicine. Let me just say that no matter the traffic light, crossing the street is crazy dangerous.

After being back for a little while, we decided to take a taxi to a nearby mall for some KFC. After going up and back down seven levels, we finally found it and enjoyed a little taste of home. Henry loves french fries, corn on the cob, and popcorn chicken:). And he LOVES riding in cars. We got the movie "Planes" to play on our tablet today, so we're hoping that his interest moves to include airplanes as well for flying home:).

We all had a good late afternoon nap. Neither Randy nor I slept very well last night with our congestion. Henry, however, is healthy and happy, not fussing anymore about naptime or bedtime. He's so cute as he'll lay in the crib holding his little car(s) and whispering until he falls asleep. We've had a lot of silly play with him today, more mutual conversations , and more cuddly time. He can't wait for bathtime and then reading with his daddy before bed. It's helping a lot that I'm not so sick too!

There was great progress made today as Henry wanted to look at our family scrapbook I had made and sent to him awhile back, and talk about his brothers and family in America. He isn't getting upset at the mention of airplanes or America, and he spoke to the boys and my parents on the phone last night. Celebrating little victories!

I really wanted to focus tonight on what we're learning about Henry. He has some major physical development challenges, but wow, he can move quick, is extremely flexible, and doesn't miss a thing. His mind is sharp, memory great, and English amazing. Today, he sang "O Christmas Tree," and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with me in perfect English (although neither of us knew all the words to the first song:) as we circled the large Christmas Tree in the lobby. He moves around our tablet like he's had it for weeks, and he wrote down the numbers 1 to 3 tonight for us. There is a wealth of learning in this guy from New Day that we are only just discovering. He loves music and singing, so will definitely be encouraged in that area.

I know this is getting long but wanted to give you all a little introduction to this little guy. We know he is meant to be ours and that God has amazing plans for him. We also know that the road ahead will not be easy, albeit the most blessed, and wonder what in the world it's going to look like. We have no idea but are enjoying him in the moment and trusting our faithful God who has led us this far to make the path straight before us. It's scary, exciting, and just plain far the greatest leap of faith we've taken. When I say that our lives are changed forever, I mean it. And I also can't wait for everyone to meet him!

Thank you for prayers everyone! Please continue to lift up our health, attachment with Henry, our sons who we miss greatly, and our travels to/time in Guangzhou starting tomorrow. I'd better sleep now while the guys are sleeping! Tomorrow is a big day. Blessings!


  1. I am so happy to read all of this! PTL! I am so happy that you are getting better too. My sinuses were horrible in China, and I remember panicking when we got low on meds. Hang in there, and when the time is right, I can't wait to meet your little man, and I know Tyson will be excited to have a China friend!

  2. We are enjoying following your journey, and how God is blessing everyone. We pray for health and safe travels as you near the time to bring Henry home. Looking so forward to meeting this little man. Just a piece of tidbit, as you are finalizing your adoption of Henry we are here finalizing our adoption of Selena. Such miracles are happening in the world this Christmas.