Monday, December 9, 2013

Henry's Gotcha Day!

We made it through the first day with Henry! It was a roller coaster of emotions for all of us, but especially Henry. Here's a short summary!

-Henry rode an overnight train from Beijing to Hohhot and was so excited about coming that he hardly slept. He was also disappointed that we didn't come see him in Beijing like some of the other families did. Our agency didn't approve this as it is against CCCWA policy and felt it could jeopardize the adoption.

-Around 10 a.m. Henry and a little girl arrived to meet their families. At first, Henry let me hold him but when he realized he wasn't going back with his nannies, he started getting upset and saying he wanted to go home. You could see and hear the panic in his cries. We totally understood and knew this could happen, but had been hopeful all the Skyping would have helped more.

-The morning was chaotic as expected with paperwork and a distressed child, but snack, drink, play, and soothing words from his nannies helped him (and us) get through it. My bit of Chinese and his bit of English helped as well.

-After getting ready in our room, Henry was put in a carrier on his Dad's chest and we set out for lunch. He wasn't really hungry and about midway through, got upset again so that we left and brought our food back.

-He was so obviously exhausted and ready for a nap, but he was so distressed that he cried for a long time, unable to be soothed, and saying "Go home" along with something else I didn't understand. The grief and anger were so evident and difficult to watch but I just loved on him the best I could and let him express his emotions. Finally, he fell until a deep sleep, snoring and more at peace.

-After about an hour of rest, he woke up and sat with his Daddy to read books and have a snack. After some play time, he wanted to go outside so we bundled up and set out. He enjoyed watching his Dad get a beard trim and then we found a stroller...he's heavier than you think! He really liked the stroller and it made everyone more comfortable. We also let him pick out a drink and snack at the store, which he was happy to do.

-The evening was really good in our hotel room. We played, watched t.v., listened to music, colored, etc. He moved around on the floor and seemed to be quite content. He especially enjoyed bathtime!

-We weren't sure how bedtime would go but after teeth brushing, reading books, and seeing us going to bed too, he laid right down in his crib holding his stuffed animals and cars. Soon, we were all asleep and he hasn't woken at all. Just me!

So, Henry's Gotcha Day is over and tomorrow is a new day. We know the days will probably be a mixture of good and hard, but we are looking forward to each one with our precious son. He is an amazing little guy, so bright and full of life. We just love holding and kissing him, seeing those smiles, and experiencing those priceless moments of bonding.

Tomorrow, we do more adoption paperwork and get a certificate which finalizes our adoption in China's eyes. Other than that, the day is ours to do with as we wish. Thank you SO MUCH for prayers! We see answers to them and still need them. Blessings!

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