Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hohhot Days

It has been kind of quiet here in Hohhot after Henry arrived and settled in. Each morning has been more paperwork and then the rest of the day, waiting for it to process. Yesterday morning was a big one as we signed adoption papers, answered questions, and confirmed with the orphanage and CCCWA that we would love and care for Henry as our own always. This morning, Henry had passport pictures taken and will receive that tomorrow or Friday. We leave for Guangzhou on Friday at 5 p.m.

Every day, Henry is warming up more to us. He is obviously very attached to New Day and when tired or upset, cries out that he wants to go home. He hasn't mentioned it today though and is smiling, laughing, and talking with us a lot more. It is precious when he calls us mommy and daddy, looks for one of us, and asks to be held. Right now, he is enjoying bathtime. He does say that he doesn't like airplanes or America, so hopefully will trust and like us enough by the 21st to go willingly. His life is changing in every way, as is ours, but at least we chose it and understand it. His attachment here is good though, as it means he has that capability to attach to us over time.

We are missing home and our boys very much. Unfortunately, I have been very sick the last two days with fever, much congestion, and stomach issues. Thankfully, we are able to get everything we need at and right around the hotel. We found a baby store where we got a stroller for Henry. He's a little guy  but heavy to carry after awhile. He also likes to go a lot. The hotel is huge so we push him around to see the fountain, Christmas tree, piano, lights, etc. and he is happy! He'll talk to anyone and everyone just thinks he's adorable. He is! He just also doesn't mind letting his opinions known:).

Thank you for prayers and encouragement. I really hope to get over this bug sooner than later and not spread it to the guys. Randy has the beginnings of a dry cough. We're going to call the boys here in a little bit. Henry is having a grand time in the bathtub and will no doubt sleep well again. Blessings!


  1. It sounds like you're making great progress!

  2. I found the air very dry in Hohhot. We used the ice bucket and filled it with ice and let it melt. I was coughing a lot up to do this as well. Hope you feel better soon. Sending prayers. Emily

  3. I have enjoyed your journey through this, and pray it will continue to go well and be a blessing to both you and Henry.