Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sweet Times

Finally got this to publish!

Here's a sweet picture of the guys during dinner the other night. We took an excursion to a huge children's shopping center, walked around and found another stroller since the other one broke already:(. We also called the boys again. It was great to hear their voices; just two days until we see them! Henry's getting excited too!

Yesterday morning we went to the Guangzhou zoo and saw lots of great animals. It was beautiful weather for it. I might have been on the news here as I got asked questions about the zoo at the giraffe area by a news reporter:). Last night we walked around a gorgeous park nearby. A picture of Henry and I there is also attached. This morning was our consulate appointment, yay!!! Everything went great and now we just rest easy and get packed to go. We will receive Henry's visa tomorrow. He'll be an American citizen once on U.S. soil. Can't wait to go home! Thanks for prayers as we wind this amazing trip up.  

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