Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Fireman Pilot

It's time for an update...some fun and important things have happened over the last week or so for Henry. I've titled this blog, "The Fireman Pilot," because just recently he told me he wanted to be both. Our little guy has big dreams!

Going backwards, today I got a great photo of Henry in his new fireman boots doing his thing...putting out fires! He has such a big heart, wanting to help as many people as he can out of the fire, especially his family. What a sweetie! 
Yesterday was a really big day: we left early for Seattle, Henry had his post-adoption screening and immunizations with an excellent doctor at the UW Pediatric Center, we had our usual yummy Chinese dumplings after, and then I took him to the Seattle Museum of Flight! The museum was just what the doctor ordered to help the little guy forget his sore arms after two shots in each. I didn't even have to tell him to smile for the pictures:).

The doctor's visit went really well- Henry had both vision and hearing tests, time with the doctor, and then, of course, shots. The shots did not go over well and there were a lot of tears with them, but it was also such a joy for me to hold and console him during that time. I can't say I just love to hear crying babies, but when Henry cries, he is so, so cute and my heart just melts. He actually doesn't cry a lot, so these occasions are really sweet and I feel so blessed to be the one he turns to when he does. The other joy of motherhood is stool collection...but I won't go into that:). Even though these medical visits are kind of far away and the drives home are particularly hard, I am treasuring these times with Henry, just he and I, as we 'do' life together and make precious memories. He certainly got a Mommy who loves to go and explore like he does!

We should be getting an MRI scheduled in the next few days, and then Henry has his spinal doctor appointment the end of February. I also have to get him scheduled to see pediatric specialists for vision and hearing as these are high-risk areas with his diagnosis...a dental visit would be good too! He had his OT evaluation last week at Shriner's and the therapists were amazed at his mobility and agility considering his special needs. They did not recommend ongoing OT or PT, though he will probably get some of these services at school. Oh yes, and Henry got his new braces! They are really cool, sporting all sorts of planes, trains, and automobiles. He has worn them a few times and once I got him long enough socks, seems to be pretty comfortable and happy in them. In fact, he's a pretty happy boy all around and is starting to converse comfortably with almost anyone unless in an intimidating large crowd of people. For a little boy at .03% of the growth chart, he makes a BIG impression!

Tomorrow, we are going to make Chinese paper lanterns. Chinese New Year is on Friday and you guessed it, Henry is looking forward to eating dumplings!!! We are going to have a special evening celebrating with a family portrait session and then dinner. Henry was so sweet to remind me when looking at an old family picture that we needed one with him in it. He is SO right! I can't wait to share that. 

By the way...we gladly welcome visitors to come meet Henry if you haven't already. Just send me a message and we'll work out a good time. Short visits with a few people are best right now but since I can't take him around to everyone, we would love for you to come to us!

Thank you for prayers and for keeping up with our journey with Henry. Everyone continues to adjust and do so well together. Every day I thank God for my precious family and His loving care and plans for us. I am finding a sweet peace and joy in this new season of life, even in the hard times. Though the laundry and dishes pile up, mealtimes never cease to come around again, the gray hairs are multiplying on my head, the miles are adding up quick on the car, and there never seems to be enough of me to go around, I relish each day as a gift from the One who holds it all together in His strong, loving hands. Do you know what my favorite times of the day are right now?  Hugs from all my guys in the morning, cuddles with Henry after taking a nap together, and taking Henry around at night to hug his Daddy's and brothers' necks as he tells them "Goodnight" and "I love you," then reading/songs/prayer/hugs with Henry as I put him to bed. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I will close with one of the songs Henry has learned and it is definitely true for all of us. Blessings!

"Little by little every day. Little by little, in every way
Jesus is changing me. He's changing me..."

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