Monday, February 24, 2014

Henry Wonders

Well, it's time for an update on our blessed family adventure with Henry. Things seem pretty calm and routine now as everyone has settled into a new normal. I hope you all enjoyed the family portraits posted last week...we have now had Henry home for two months! In some ways, it seems like he's been with us so much longer, probably because he acts like it:). He is truly an attached, comfortable, and happy guy who charms almost everyone he meets. His English speaking amazes people, including doctors, and he continues to soak up all the learning he can. There isn't much he doesn't want to know more about and though I need conversational breaks occasionally so I can focus and rest, it is quite fun to hear him process all He is taking in. His recall amazes me as he recounts names of people, conversations, activities in sequence, and stories we have read (all with his ADORABLE hand motions and facial expressions:). He has been sharing more details about his life in China as well...I don't even remember anything prior to Kindergarten! It is a blast watching him role play what he observes; like, one day after being with me when the chiropractor adjusted my back, he came home and pretended to be the doctor and adjust his brother's back. After watching the winter Olympics one night, he proceeded to slide around on the kitchen tile floor like he was ice skating. And, in case you were wondering, he is still putting out fires all around the house:). What would we do without Fireman Henry???

Henry was so excited to finally see snow here. He was so sure it would come on Chinese New Year's but, alas, it didn't. When it did come, he sat on the couch by the window and watched it fall until dark. Unfortunately, it was too slushy to play in the next day and he had a fever, so watching the snow come and go was all he could do, but it was still a memorable time.

Henry with his Valentine's gifts
We had a sweet Valentine's Day family date as we ate dinner out, then split up for the older guys to go to a movie and for Henry and I to attend a children's play. We didn't go to the right place and missed it, so ended up going to Chuck-E-Cheese's for a few rides and then Menchie's for ice cream before picking up the guys. It was a nice evening but thankfully, the theatre transferred our ticket dates and on Saturday, Henry and I got to see "The House at Pooh Corner." It was his first introduction to Winnie the Pooh and friends, and we had a great time! Henry is also a great shopping buddy!

Henry has been having stomach pains with no other symptoms for the last few weeks, ever since his fever, but they seem to be fewer and farther between now. He and I have had some rough nights with him waking and crying in pain multiple times. He usually goes back to sleep rather quickly, but then neither one of us get up and going very well the next day so just rest and do things around here. I have been concerned about that and his eye/head pain lately, so finally picked a semi-local pediatrician for general care that he got to see this morning. He had two more immunizations, of which he was very unhappy about, and I got some encouragement on some of our options for Henry. If his tummy pain continues and gets worse, we can have a stomach x-ray done, and if we would rather not wait until his April eye appt. at Seattle Children's, there is a pediatric opthamologist in the area he can go ahead and see. I will be calling about that tomorrow as his vision was pretty weak at the UW post-adoption screening; so, at the least, straining to see is probably bothering him. Good news, though...all of his blood and stool testing came out clean and healthy!

Henry's last IEP assessments for school were completed last week with PT and speech, so as soon as a plan and meeting are in place, he may be starting preschool a couple times a week. Part of me wonders if he is ready, but we are quite sure he is...I think it may be me that's not ready, even though it will do us both good:). He is very clearly attached and obviously loves me so much that I should be confident he won't be replacing me anytime soon. He told me once that when he goes to school, I will pick him up and bring him home like his brothers. Someone told me that this reference point makes him feel more secure in going (besides the fact that it's just a few blocks down the street!). I am excited for this opportunity for him- it will be great for learning, making friends, and encouraging more walking- and that the OT/PT and preschool teachers are already working to prepare the room with the supports he will need to be as independent as possible. Isn't God GOOD???

We are still waiting for citizenship papers so we can apply for Henry's SS#, but have at least applied for his tax ID#. I will be faxing some adoption papers tomorrow which will hopefully move his insurance coverage along...please continue to pray for all these details, and for Henry's health needs and appointments coming up. He has an audiology appt. on March 5th, MRI & spinal doctor appts. on March 11 & 12, and a vision appt. on April 23rd unless I can get something earlier as mentioned above. The back, neck, and eyes are his most critical areas needing attention right now. 

Update: Henry has a local pediatric vision appt. for Monday, 3/3, praise God!

Thank you for remembering us! The adoption journey still has its adjustments and challenges but every day I thank God for it and for the amazing family he has put together, including the best big brothers Henry could have! Tonight at bedtime, Henry and I read the book, "I'd Choose You," and we talked about how God chose him for our family; that out of all the children in the world, we chose him; and that we hope and pray he will choose Jesus. What a tender heart he continues to have towards the Lord, looking forward to family prayer, singing, and Bible time each day. We love him so much and the best part is, he loves us so much too! It melts my heart when he says so and gives his biggest hugs and kisses. Blessings! 


  1. Hi Kerri,
    Our daughter(from Hohhot) was experiencing he same type of stomach pain after arriving home. We figured it quite quickly after our social worker came for as visit, who is Asian and said it was the dairy. They don't eat dairy products in china, all soy...Just a thought. Henri is awesome and I love reading your long......Emily

  2. Thanks, Emily! Today was our first day to intentionally leave out any dairy and we are hoping that this is the answer we need and helps him. He does love his yogurt:). If not, we'll try another food and keep going from there. Blessings!