Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quite the Journey

All ready for preschool!
We've had a hard week in the Brown household, particularly because I have had a terrible head cold and traveled to take Henry to Portland for his CT Scan and neurosurgeon appointment on Thursday and rest was hard to come by. It was a productive and smooth medical trip, just wore me down further and I am still struggling to get healthy. Henry has some congestion as well, which seems to come and go, so we only made preschool one day this first week.

Preschool went really well, considering that I don't think Henry was feeling that great either. We had a good care meeting with staff prior to class, then he played well with the adults as children came in. When everyone was called to Circle Time, he sat down and then started to cry and hold onto me. He was thinking about me leaving and though we had talked about that a number of times before, he couldn't understand why I would do so and was obviously experiencing separation anxiety at the thought. After some consolation that I would stay, he began to participate and play as I watched from the background. At one point, I told him that I needed to go to the car for a few minutes but would be back soon, and he was okay with that. However, when I did return, he gave me an indignant look and said, "Why you going?":) He's not one to miss much of his surroundings and having me there is a comfort to him right now. It's a good sign of attachment as well, I just want him to have a positive experience, make some new friends, and learn some things as he loves to do. He certainly has wonderful people in the classroom who will take really good care of him, and for that, we are so thankful. It looks like I will have to forfeit the personal time I was hoping to get while he is in school for now. We'll see how the next weeks go, but with spring break and surgery, a routine is going to be hit and miss. looks like these next weeks are preparation for a major procedure that will impact all of our lives in the months to come. I will do my best to explain what I gained from the neurosurgeon visit, but I do have trouble remembering medical terms. First of all, this neurosurgeon and Henry's spinal doctor who team up often will do a cervical spine fusion surgery at the base of Henry's neck, involving the C1 and C2 vertebrae, and possibly C3. The way Henry's spine is forming and colliding with bones at the neck has already caused damage to his spinal cord as seen by his lack of control in moving his legs, feet, and toes. This is a high-risk surgery and besides paralysis, etc., there is a chance that the fusion could not take and need to be done again.  He has to be very closely monitored throughout the process and assuming everything goes smoothly, will be in the hospital for 5-7 days following. During the surgery, Henry will be fitted with a halo, perhaps similar to the one in this picture, which will be a huge adjustment and require great care. Frankly, pins being attached to our son's skull freaks me out, but with God's help, we will all take it as it comes and stay calm and positive for Henry's sake. We certainly are encouraged by the frequency of this kind of surgery and the positive outcomes, and most of all, that our God is ultimately in control and guiding this whole process with His strong, loving hands.

The neurosurgeon also noted that Henry is having lower spinal and hip issues, so wants an MRI done on that area before the surgery. At this point, we have a follow up visit with the spinal doctor on April 10th and the lower spine MRI on April 17th. We should be getting a call from the neurosurgeon's office any day to schedule the surgery, which will probably be about a month or so out. I will keep you all posted and so appreciate your prayers in this journey. Henry is pretty cooperative and accepting of medical care, except for shots:), and seems to be taking all of this rather well, at least what he can understand. When we have conversations about why keeping his neck stable and protected is so important, and what the surgery is all about, he will say it is all so he won't get more hurt or die. A few times he has said, "I go to Jesus," when contemplating what dying means. He is such a deep thinker at age 4! These kinds of things bless and hurt my heart at the same time. We don't know what God's plans are, but we lay our son, hopes, and fears at His feet, and know with utmost confidence that He will not let go.

Thank you so much for your prayers...the adoption was nothing compared to the journey we have ahead. And we are looking forward to many more wonderful days and times as a family. We can't wait to take Henry to the ocean for his first time over spring break, and hopefully all will be well enough by mid-summer to go to an Oklahoma family reunion and meet my side of the family. We have so much to see and do yet, and are already enjoying the beautiful spring flowers, greenery, and sunshine. We have a GOOD God! Blessings!


  1. Henry is one of the sweetest little guys and his deep wisdom blows my mind. I'll be praying for ALL of you during this time. BUt how amazing that he is your SON and that you get to walk through this WITH him?!?

  2. We pray for all of you, strength and peace for you, Randy and the boys as you see Henry through this. The surgeons for wisdom, and Henry that God just continue to wrap him in his healing arms. I have asked many of my friends to add all of you and this situation to their prayer chains. If you need anything you know I am a phone call away.