Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Showers

We are experiencing spring showers in more ways than one! Besides being a super wet and tiring March, we've also made a good bit of progress for Henry in a number of ways and received a lot of love. One of our greatest milestones just this week was receiving Henry's American certificate of citizenship and then applying for his social security number. Next steps will be re-adoption in the county court and getting Henry's U.S birth certificate and passport. These are all really important documents to make things easier for him in the years to come. 

I have also been working on finding adaptations for around the home to make things easier and to help Henry be more independent, as well as, get him outside more. So far, these include a two-step stool for the bathroom sink, toilet step stool and seat, wagon with belt, faucet extender, baby shower hose, and child picnic table w/benches that fit his size perfectly. I was super proud to see him climb up and down to use the toilet all by himself! There is so much more to do over time, but these easy accommodations are helping until surgery and beyond give us more of an idea of what he will need long term.

Henry was so excited about the adoption shower given us on Saturday by sweet friends. It was a vehicle and Chinese theme, with his favorite on the cake...a fire truck! Henry was celebrated with presents and goodies, and I enjoyed the fellowship with girlfriends. Thank you! 

As you can see from the pictures, Henry not only likes any vehicle that moves, but he likes sports and games. He will play anything he can and especially loves to play baseball with his new ball and bat. He will hit the ball, then quickly crawl around the house back to home base. His creative mind and determination can live out just about anything he wants. Win or lose, he just enjoys a good time to the fullest, especially if it involves other people and using his leadership skills:). Whatever Henry does, he truly does it with all his heart. And what a heart he precious and sensitive that when he disobeys, he will cry out, "I'm sorry, God!" and when we're having a hard time working something out, he will say, "Let's pray to God!" Truly, we need to become like little children in so many ways.

Henry has been to preschool three times now, and just yesterday, he went all by himself after declaring that I could leave. He did great and is looking forward to going back. In the picture to the right, he is playing hockey in P.E. and totally loving it. With just a little bit of imagination and adjustment, it's amazing what you can do! 

Besides a cold and stomach bug, Henry's health is doing well. We go back to OHSU and Shriner's on April 17th for the MRI on his lower back and follow-up spinal doctor appointment. I hope we'll be hearing soon on when his surgery is scheduled. The more I hear about this major c-spine surgery, the more I realize how serious it is and can be. I need to find out some more details about it but in the end, we have to trust God's hand to protect, guide, and heal. So, please pray for this amazing little guy and all the family will inevitably go through with surgery, whatever the result. 

My sinus infection is much better with medicine, but I am more and more aware how vital it is that I take care of my own body, soul, mind, and spirit for the long term. I am doing less outside the home but am struggling to keep up with what I need to do inside the home. I love the season I am in and know it is where I have been called to be, but how quickly a mother can wear out and be of little help to the family when her own needs are neglected. So, please pray that I find some kind of balance in caring for myself with all my other tasks, as blessed as they are! The warmer weather and sunshine are such a blessing right now as walks and swinging outside rejuvenate me. And with Henry in preschool a bit, I can get some real quiet time with the Lord and just to do whatever I need or want to do. I can't tell you how elated I can get now when even small projects are actually completed! 

Well, thanks for walking this journey with us...I won't pretend it is an easy one, and knew it wouldn't be, but the blessings far outweigh the troubles and hardship. In fact, Scripture would teach us that the troubles and hardship are actually blessings as God works in and through them to accomplish His good will for our lives, to HIS glory! May God grow my perspective to see what He sees so that I do not miss all that He has for me. Blessings!

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