Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On the Mend

Day two has already seen great improvement for Henry. The night was rough for he and Daddy as the nurse came in every two hours which woke them up. At one point, Henry cried for me, and then at 4 a.m., was wide awake so they read and talked, etc. After some more sleep, the doctors made rounds and then Henry threw up his apple juice. He has had a bit of nausea from the meds but actually kept down a bit of popsicle and four saltine crackers a little while ago. His catheter has been removed and he is now doing well in diapers.  He is much better concerning pain and the reality of the halo; is alert, talking and playing more; and wants to take another wagon ride today. He has a reputation of being so cute and polite...even in post-surgery, he's a charmer:).

I crashed in the guestroom last night and woke up around 6 a.m. feeling rested...praise the Lord! After breakfast, I stayed with Henry and Randy went to the guestroom to rest. It is lunchtime now and I am having a last break before he leaves this afternoon. Henry is being so well monitored and cared for by all here. We are really thankful for such a great place and staff.

I am really thankful for the strength and grace God provides, and for His presence with us in all the highs and lows. He has beautiful purpose and meaning in it all, and it's beyond precious to see Henry begin to really see and experience these things. That makes it all worth it. Blessings!


  1. Praising God! Reading your previous post about him crying was hard. I know it was very hard on you to hear but sounds like he is now getting the worst of the pain behind him. Will continue holding you up before our Lord.