Friday, June 13, 2014

The Great Physician

I've labeled this post "The Great Physician," because God has truly been holding and healing our precious son. The last two days have seen great progress already and it looks like we are headed home tomorrow. We can't thank everyone enough for lifting us up in prayer. The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. So, thank you with all our hearts!

A quick update before I sleep while Henry sleeps...Henry is now off of all IV fluid and meds, has passed two stools, has kept some food and oral meds down, has regained his color and some of his personality, and rarely complains of pain. We have had some fun in the play rooms and he is really benefiting from his little wheelchair that we get to take home. Though he has moments of panic or fear or annoyance at the halo and vest, he is growing used to it more each day, as am I. It is quite bulky and awkward, heavy but not too much, and as I learn to lift, hold, and transfer him in it, I have to be careful for both of us. I may have to see the chiropractor a little more frequently:).

While Henry has made great and quick gains already, he also continues to struggle with nausea causing vomit, swelling from his waist down, and pain here and there. They were going to release us this evening but his throwing up was especially cause for staying another night. Hopefully medicine will get him settled and home tomorrow, but whatever is best for him is what we certainly want.

It has been an amazing thing to experience this week- God's sufficient grace through it all. And though it has been really hard for me to watch Henry go through this, I can't help but think of all he has gone through in his short life so far: abandonment the day of his birth, three years of life in a Chinese gov't orphanage, transfer and 1+ year in a private (wonderful) foster home in another China city, all the challenges and treatments for his special needs, adoption by strangers, moving to a whole new country, the process of adjustment to countless changes and attachment to a family, and now major surgery which he knew about but didn't really know what it would mean. All before his fifth birthday. This child is dearly loved and truly being held in the hands of His Creator, the Great Physician.  He represents countless children around the world who endure so much yet are not forgotten or forsaken by the One who calls them by name to Himself.

Someone once said that it is not only important to love much but to love well. I love this little boy more than I can say, and my heart has felt ripped out at least a few times this week, but what I am really coming to grasp is that I need to learn better how to love him well.  No doubt this will be a lifetime endeavor and the needs are great, but I find a great source of strength and hope in knowing our Father in heaven has already shown the way and will provide all that is needed. And His love is absolutely enough.

We are not only going to make it, we are going to make the best of it. And surely our great God will shine through our cracks as He makes beauty out of ashes, turning sorrow into joy. Our verse this week? "The joy of the Lord is your strength" Nehemiah 8:10. And, yes, it is available to all of us! Blessings!

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