Saturday, August 16, 2014


Henry's halo is off! He's doing great and as I write, in the kiddie pool outside enjoying every minute of his freedom. For time's sake to let you know how things went at Shriner's, I am copying my Facebook posts here. Enjoy!

Monday, Aug. 11
Henry, Joshua, and I head to Portland this afternoon. Henry checks in tomorrow, 6am at Shriner's for halo removal. Then he has a few days of PT appointments to practice driving the power wheelchair he will bring home on Thursday eve. I'd appreciate prayers for our trip...thanks!
And here's a cute video of Henry's "happy" video he made for New Day Foster Home's video being put together of their adopted kiddos. Enjoy!

Tuesday, Aug. 12
He just went back and they've started the removal. Just a little nervous but mainly excited. Always great fun to see him super relaxed and silly after the med they give him:) ...
All is well after lots of cries when coming out of his sleep. Turns out he was super hungry and is fed, so much better:). I LOVE holding him fully close now...he'll be off and crawling away soon enough.
Ready to get it off!


Napping wonderful it must be to lie down without the contraption. We come back in six weeks for a checkup. He just has to wear the foam neckbrace during the day until then. Doc says he looks nicely healed up already. Now we just need to restrengthen those muscles, which shouldn't take long as much as he likes to move around.
Henry does his first power wheelchair practice drive at 4 p.m. Feeling so good today, PTL!!!

Wednesday, Aug. 13
You all overwhelm us with your 'likes', love, concern, and celebration with and for our family. Thank you! It is especially obvious that Henry has a fan club all over the world:). I think I gave him hugs enough for everyone yesterday! I can't tell you how good it is to hold him close again. 
Henry did fabulous driving his power wheelchair yesterday, like a pro. He will go at it two more times today and then tomorrow, with chair adjustments and a custom order to be made this morning. Not sure how long it will take for insurance to approve and the new chair to be delivered, but one little boy is going to love his very own GREEN ride when it comes!!!

Thursday, Aug. 14
Just a little bit of anxiety at turning Henry loose at driving a 200 lb vehicle at the age of four (almost five). He's so bright but there's a lot to think about, especially concerning the people and things around him which he has not had to think about before, especially behind him which he cannot even see. Plus, he is easily distracted and not good at listening...yes, he's doing great but perhaps we could use some prayers, the both of us! 
Also pray for wisdom in his physical activity so soon after the halo is off. Many of his muscles have been inactive for 9 weeks and he had some sharp back pain yesterday, along with neck discomfort. He's wanting to get back to where he was super fast and the body is not cooperating. Thx! ...

I can definitely feel the extra 200 pounds in the back of the van when driving.

Last Night
I walked with Henry down the street as he drove his chair on the sidewalk and did a great job. I was greatly encouraged and think time will help him a lot. So much to take in at Shriner's in a short time, but after rest and less distraction, we are both doing better:). Thanks for prayers!

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