Thursday, August 7, 2014

Goodbye, Halo!

We have some wonderful news to just five days, on August 12th, Henry's halo and vest will be removed! Check in is at 6 a.m. We got a great x-ray report on July 30 that his c-spine fusion is healing very well. He will wear a removable neck brace for a few weeks following, but then he should be free! Until the next surgery, of course, but we don't have any date on that yet; he will have more spine surgery behind his chest as there is compression of the spinal cord. But what a blessing to have some summer fun without the halo restraint!

And more summer fun we will have...Henry's 5th birthday is coming up on August 20. We are going to have a fire truck birthday party on the 17th, then travel to Mt. Rainier on the 20th to stay the night in a cute cabin and then ride the Mt. Rainier steam train the next day. We are really looking forward to this outing. Henry will also go to the county fair for the first time this weekend. That should be fun, too!

We did get to ride the Chehalis-Centralia steam train last weekend, and then see some neat things at the Veteran's Memorial Museum next door. Henry's favorite was getting inside a real helicopter and pretending to drive. While in Portland, Henry and I visited the beautiful rose garden and Japanese garden. In the last few weeks, Henry also attended his first wedding and National Night Out community gathering in which he got to meet search-and-rescue dogs, see a fire hose connected to a fire hydrant, and SPRAY his first fire hose! Henry was one happy boy:).

Enjoy the photos and keep Henry in your prayers as the halo comes off. He will have some punctures to heal but I am sure they won't slow him down much. Thank you so much!

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