Friday, August 22, 2014

The Birthday Boy-Firefighter

We've had a really fun week celebrating Henry's 5th birthday...his first with his forever family. On Sunday, dear friends gathered at our home for his firefighter-themed birthday party and he was one happy boy at opening all his gifts. He then turned five on Wednesday and opened his last few cards and gifts...a Thomas train table and authentic fireman's uniform complete with suspenders, jacket, and helmet. He has really enjoyed all of his gifts and cards, so thank you to those who blessed our sweet Henry this week!

On Wednesday, we also left for a two-day excursion to Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park where Henry got to see the majestic mountain up close, hike, stay in a cute little inn, and then ride the Mt. Rainier steam train. It was a really great time! We are glad to be home though and will have lots more fun tomorrow at our church's block party. Looking forward to Henry riding his first horse! And Henry starts preschool for 4 & 5 years olds in our local elementary school on Sept. 8. He has been moved to the afternoon class so we are trusting God's plan for him in this.

We love Henry so much and he brings so much joy to our home and hearts each day. As much as he is blessed to have a family and be well cared for, we are blessed all the more to be his family and get to take care of him. He has been with us eight months now and though some days we are still obviously adjusting and needing extra grace, most days have settled into our new normal quite well. Please continue to pray for all of our adjustment, not only as an adoptive family but as a family with special needs. And please pray for Henry's body to continually heal and strengthen after the surgery and halo, and that we would know how to make him as comfortable as possible as some days the joint and back pain seem extra high. It is hard to see and know that pain will be a part of his life, but more than anything, we want him to have the best quality of life possible in its midst. He has already done amazingly well recovering from the c-spine surgery and halo. We know you have been praying for him so, thank you! 


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Henry! So good to see how incredibly well he is doing and how he has been grafted into your family. I worked with Henry for a year at New Day before he was adopted and it was always a fun and precious time. Praying for you all as the school year starts! From Jenny

    1. Thank you, Jenny! And thank you for working with Henry at New Day. He was much loved and cared for there.