Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Fall!

Enjoy these photos from Henry's first pumpkin patch experience this week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yes, our family is moving! God is closing the chapter of our lives in Washington state and moving us to Portland, Oregon. My husband is taking on a new pastorate and we plan on being settled there by mid-November if things move along. What a blessing to live so close to the Shriner's Henry is already a patient at! We are experiencing a whole range of emotions though and I am sure this is quite a strange time for Henry as he thinks about leaving the only home with his family he's known. He's pretty good at taking on new challenges and adventures, but he has concerns and questions like the rest of us. Please do pray for him and all of us as we prepare for the move and face a number of adjustments in our new location. Please see below for specific prayer requests! 
That being said, Henry is doing great! We've moved into a fall routine with not too many big events, which has been nice since we're getting the house ready to sell. He is loving preschool, playing with brothers, music, football, helping me cook, doing whatever each day holds. And while he still likes firefighting, Henry's new favorite is being a policeman. I've gotten more tickets than I can count...others go to jail so at least he's keeping me around :). His first pumpkin patch outing is coming up too! And he had an excellent follow-up doctor's visit a couple weeks ago in which the doctor said he's healing nicely and doesn't need to be seen for another three months. Perhaps three months following that they may look at the mid-spine compression. But, surgery there would affect his spinal growth pattern, so I think they are going to wait as long as possible before doing anything there.

Henry continues to get stronger and move around almost like he did pre-halo, but not being able to elongate his neck forward and backward much does affect his crawling, vision, and alignment. He just adjusts though and is also doing better and better at driving his power wheelchair. He drives it to and from preschool on nice days, and my stress level has gone way down with his improvement. Yay! At the last doctor's visit he seemed to have gained about a pound. I think he's getting a little taller too, but the growth is definitely slow for him. I think we may have a slightly loose tooth!

We have made 10 months with Henry and what an amazing journey to God's heart it has been. I know the Lord keeps working on my heart to help me grow in being the Mommy Henry truly needs. He sure does seem to love his family and for that, I could not be more thankful. We all love this little guy SO MUCH.  Thank you for checking in on us and for prayers, especially in these days of change ahead. God has even more wonderful things in store, but a move can sure bring a lot of stress and we sure are going to miss our loved ones here. The good news is that we're not moving too far away! We are so blessed with the love of so many, near and far.

Prayer Requests as We Move
  1. Timely sale of our current home and the securing of adequate, affordable housing in Portland. 
  2. Schooling choices and transition for all of our children; accommodation for Henry's special needs.
  3. A sense of security for Henry and brothers as we adjust to the much larger, busy city surrounded by multitudes of people we do not know. 
  4. Quick settling into our church and community, the making of good friends, and a feeling of "home."
  5. God to provide for all of our needs, grow our faith and closeness to Him, and bless our family that we may shine brightly for Him as we "go"!