Saturday, November 22, 2014

Henry's Happy Thanksgiving

Henry wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! He is getting to experience the holiday in America with his family for the first time. He also will get to experience the fullness of the Christmas season for the first time here. December 9th is the day we received Henry in China last year, and then December 21st is when we landed on U.S. soil. It was a bit of a whirlwind for him to say the least. We are looking forward to many wonderful opportunities and memories to celebrate the reason for the season here in Oregon...yes, we have moved and are now in Portland!

Our moving day was Tuesday, November 11th, Veteran's Day. It all went smoothly and we are feeling quite at home in our new house. Henry just finished his first full week of preschool and he enjoyed it very much. He was very sad to leave his teachers and friends at his previous preschool, but once here, embraced the adventure as he is so good at doing. We are very proud of him and he has already made friends! All of our family is doing well, though it has been harder for the older boys, so we thank you very much for prayers.

In lieu of Thanksgiving, our family wants to give thanks for all the amazing friends and family near and far who have given us such love, encouragement, and support - especially prayer- on our adoption journey. We give thanks to our Lord Jesus for bringing Henry into our family forever, and for Henry who fills each and every day with such love, light, and challenges that keep us growing and our hearts so full. We are beyond blessed and can't wait to celebrate one year with him!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!