Saturday, December 13, 2014

One Year!

We just had Henry's one-year adoption anniversary on the 10th!!! It is hard to believe it's been that long, but in some ways, it seems longer than that. In celebration, our family enjoyed some delicious and authentic Chinese food family-style at a local restaurant, then had our own little party at home with cake and ice cream. Henry was extra excited that his cake was a Paw Patrol cake with Marshall the fire dog on it. We have been so blessed with this small but huge addition to our family. Henry has grown in leaps and bounds over the year, and through all the ups and downs of adjustment and attachment for all of us, we have grown so much personally and with each other. The physical formation of a family may happen quickly, but the actual making of a family in heart, soul, and mind can take much longer. We are truly not just the Brown's in name but in every other way, so we truly celebrate all that God has done!

We have enjoyed some special Christmas activities already: our yearly tradition of picking out our Christmas tree at a local farm and Henry singing in a huge Christmas program last night with his Portland preschool. He was so handsome and did wonderfully. We are attending the local Little People of America chapter's Christmas party this evening and excited to meet other families similar to ours. The network of support and opportunities in this big city is much larger in a number of ways...special needs, adoption, dwarfism, Chinese culture, etc. We have become a multi-cultural family with a number of needs and challenges, as well as blessings, so the support and sense of identification is really important!

Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to life together in our new city and ministry. All the boys are doing great at their new schools and making friends. Our new church is able to offer age-appropriate classes for each of us, and I am able to focus on caring for my family without all the extra responsibilities I had before. We do feel at home but still have some big areas to work out, like insurance, doctors, registrations, etc. However, so much has been taken care of already and we are so thankful to have a cozy home to stay warm in. Please pray for Henry's continued health and needs. He has a surgery follow-up visit on the 18th at Shriner's. Please also pray for my own health as I embark on a year of corrective chiropractic care to help reverse some structural problems that have become quite painful and increased my stress level, especially with all the carrying, lifting, and lowering I do with Henry.

We love and appreciate you all. Thanks so much for keeping up with Henry and our family. Happy one year to us all!!!

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