Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Two Years and Halfway There

Our family has reached some significant milestones with Henry recently, and we have some significant dates coming up, so it is time for another blog!

Two years ago on December 9th, we held Henry in our arms after a long adoption process for the first time. On the 10th, we signed China's papers to be legally recognized as his parents. Our emotions were all over the place and frankly, they still are. We have come through so much together already and have so much more to come. Adoption remains a messy, wonderful, life-changing journey for all of us. I continue to work on Henry's two-year post-adoption report and it is fun to think back on how much he has grown and adjusted these last two years...all by God's grace!

Coming home right before Christmas was a magical and interesting time. Henry doesn't remember much about that first Christmas with us, with so many changes occurring in his life, but it was very special and we did just celebrate our third Christmas together! We celebrated in our new Portland home with my dad and his wife joining us from Oklahoma. We spent a few days before Christmas on a road trip to the beautiful redwood forests of northern California and traveling up the Oregon coast. We had a nice Christmas Eve service at church, then Christmas morning presents and a delicious Christmas dinner.
Our family brought in the New Year with activities around Portland. The previous few months had been quite wearisome for us with extra responsibilities and painful illness. Randy had the shingles and I had an excruciating shoulder injury (both much alleviated now), so needless to say, we really enjoyed some quiet and rest over the break. The boys were supposed to go back to school on Monday but snow and freezing rain postponed the return until tomorrow. I think we are all ready:). But, I do request your prayers over Henry's transition back to the regular routine of school.

I have done a little math just for fun...Henry has now been with us for 758 days, only 28 days shy of being home half of the time he was an orphan in China. When he has been with us 1,572 days on March 29, 2018, he will have been with us as long as he was not, so we will have to celebrate big!

We do have some big news concerning Henry's medical condition. He continues to have compression of his spinal cord in two areas of his back (upper and lower), so is now scheduled to have decompression surgery on Tuesday, February 9th, at Shriner's with the same excellent spinal surgeon. It is another significant and risky procedure requiring a brace and lengthy recovery period, but we are prayerful that all will go well. We made it through his c-spine fusion by God's grace and know He will get us through the next one.

We do appreciate your prayers as preparations are made in a number of areas, and I will keep you posted as we know more in the days ahead. For now, our happy boy is full of life and the love of learning, especially when it comes to superheroes and Wild Kratt animal adventures. He has great plans to be a researcher, scientist, or teacher most days, and just loves to be home with his family. I so enjoy watching him interact and work hard to keep up with his older brothers. It is challenging to put in words how much growth we have seen in him and ourselves in our adjustment and relationships with one another. It is also equally as difficult to express how thankful we are to have him in our lives and to have the loving support of so many of you. Thank you for your prayers and interest in our adoption journey. The Lord bless each of you richly in Christ this year ahead!