Monday, February 15, 2016

Decompression Surgery - Part 1

Henry has had the first stage of decompression surgery on his spine! He was supposed to have had his upper and lower spine completed on February 9th, but the upper back took six hours in the operating room alone. He is settled in at home now after five days in the hospital. Everything went really well; he has just struggled with pain, nausea from medicines, fatigue, swelling, etc. He looks and feels better every day, our church has been taking good care of us with dinners, and we are all glad to be back home.

As Henry's swelling goes down and he becomes able to move around and become more active, he must wear his new Oregon Ducks' brace. It is not his preference to wear it, of course, but we are thankful that it can come off for bathing and sleeping. A nice change from his halo and vest from the c-spine surgery in June '14! Henry will be back in school in another week or so, starting out with shorter days until able to do full days. He will have a tutor at home in the meantime.

It has also been a huge blessing to be living in Portland, much closer to Shriner's so that we can more easily go back and forth while still taking care of our other sons. Shriner's has been amazing and we are so thankful for the fantastic surgeon's and staff caring for him there.

So, what is next? The lower spine! Decompression in his lower back may be scheduled in even just a couple of months. I cannot say we are excited to do that again and so soon, but it needs to be done and we will make the best of it. We so appreciate everyone's prayers and support!