Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Henry's Super Summer

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I have not updated the blog in so long! Henry's second decompression surgery was in April and it went really well. Henry's back had healed nicely from the one in February and actually looked straighter than originally thought, so the surgeon decompressed the lower spine but decided it was not necessary to put in a straightening rod from lower to upper back. It also went a little quicker than previously and he spent less time recovering in the hospital, as well as, at home. I had been dreading a repeat of February's surgery and recovery, so this was a real praise.
Even though Henry missed a month of school for each surgery, he did really well in Kindergarten. However, he also hated going to school. While he made some friends and had really great teachers and assistants, he just never got comfortable with the six hour days of noise, large crowds, and depending on other people to meet his needs in a timely way. Henry does not like being the center of attention and the children were naturally drawn to him, getting up in his personal space a lot. He would get embarrassed or panic when he had emergency toileting needs, especially after a couple of accidents, and seems to have heightened senses that cause discomfort in certain environments. We have also learned that our sweet boy is very Type A in personality, liking things predictable and controllable as much as possible and for a number of reasons. He would actually get annoyed when others students answered the teacher's questions without raising their hands:). So, while he loves to learn, the public school environment was too stressful and we decided to try homeschooling this year for 1st grade. We will be using the K12 Oregon Virtual Academy with his own online teachers while I will be his Learning Coach. Both Henry and I are getting excited about it. He starts on September 6th so I will keep you updated on how it is going. Three-hour school days with the personal attention and pace should be a nice change for him. And we will be looking for extracurricular activities for him to be involved in as well.

We have had the best summer since Henry came home. His first summer was spent in halo and vest, recovering from major c-spine fusion surgery, and last summer was great but we had moved into our new home in July and were very focused on settling in. No such big events this summer- just lots of fun! We kicked it off with a family reunion vacation to Oklahoma with my family. Four out of five of us have summer birthdays, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary, our whole family participated in pre-teen missions camp and Vacation Bible School, we went camping at gorgeous Cove Palisades State Park (Henry's first experience in a tent), and much more. So many blessings!


Henry turned seven years old on August 20th! We had a great time at Dizzy Castle, one of his favorite indoor play areas because we can go in with him and help him do everything. It was an intimate, knight-themed party with a very cool and delicious castle cake. He is growing up so fast and such a blessing to our family. We look forward to a great school year, and appreciate your prayers as we venture into the new world of homeschooling together. It will be a different routine for us and I must continue to seek a good balance with everything. Thank you and I hope you all have a great year as well! Blessings!